Friday, April 20, 2012

A Common Enemy

This makes me laugh.  Only about 500 words today, but I got the bones of a scene down.  This weekend is going to be a whirlwind of birthday parties, so I doubt I'll get much writing in.  I am, however, beta-ing a lovely novel for a fellow Absolute Writer. 

If you're a writer and you've never beta'd, I really recommend you do.  I have found that it helps me to make my own work better, faster-paced, and more intense when I'm critiquing someone else's writing. Plus when you get lucky and find a beta who is really talented - well, there's not much of a downside there.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Beautiful pop-culture art, although John Travolta looks a little dyspeptic.

Wrote about 800 words today. Migraine has been dogging me for over a week. Kinda killin' the productivity, I gotta say.

Monday, April 16, 2012

I'm not sure why the Goblin Humiliator says I've been picking my nose and slacking off writing when actually I've been writing every day lately, thank you very much, AND updating my word count daily.

I just haven't had time to post here, what with being busy writing and all. I am 7100 words into my next novel. I get the strangest urges to drop everything and bang out a quick scene. Usually this happens when I'm driving and unable to get to a computer, or when there is maximum noise around me and I can't concentrate anyway. But every once in awhile I'm managing to carve out time to get some sequences down. Even if it means staying up until 1:30 am.

Also, this poster makes me laugh.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


They're not paying me to advertise for them. I'm just so enamored of this product that I can't help singing its praises. The software is easy and intuitive, and the index cards on the bulletin board at the top of your project mean that you can shuffle ideas and story fragments any which way.

Also, the ability to compile all chapters into a single cohesive document is not only genius, but you can save it just about any format you need. PDF, .MOBI, .RTF, .DOC, you name it.

It is, simply, awesome.

Been too long

It's been a hectic year. I took a break from writing for awhile. Moving a six occupant family, even just across town, is kind of exhausting, especially with chronic pain issues on top of that.

But my first book is going to be published soon, and I'm super excited about it. So I'll be posting reviews to books that I've enjoyed recently and what it's been like going through the self-publishing process.

Stick around!