Monday, October 1, 2012

50 Shades of Grey

We're all familiar with these books by now.  (If you're not, is there room under your rock for me?)

But a lot of people, the majority, in fact, seem not to understand what is so deeply, fundamentally wrong with these books.

It's not about BDSM.  If anything, it's a (very) thinly veiled lesson on how BDSM is bad and if you're a good enough person, you can "cure" the person that suffers from it.

Jen Armintrout, author of the wonderful blog Sweaters For Days and Moves Like Jagger, is selflessly doing a review of all three books.  She's halfway through the second book now, so if you're curious about the story or would like to be able to debate intelligently with your friends WHY this series is a pile of rubbish, then here's where you can get started. 

The wonderful snark she infuses into each post is just a bonus.

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